Marontec Marine Surveying wants to thank and congrat to Sevilla Port, GRI and ProSevillaPort for a nice event. We can see a great business project putting pillars over the know-how of past projects. Congrats!!!

The Port of Seville Authority, in collaboration with GRI Renewable Industries, ProSevillaPort and Seville Aquarium, organizes the IV Port Logistics Seminar. During this seminar, the speeches and presentations will be on the subject of industrial logistics and project cargo, a traffic type that has become more common at the ports that require innovative logistics solutions.

The seminar will bring together top-level professionals and representatives from engineering, manufacturing, logistics, shipper, ship owner, forwarder and stevedore companies, among many others. They will be on hand to share their experiences, discuss their successes, develop new business opportunities and set up a discussion board to debate the challenges faced by project cargo and the strengths that ports have to be able to maximise industrial logistics.

The Port of Seville is the only inland seaport in Spain. Its strength is its location in one of Spain’s main metropolitan areas with a surrounding population of over 1.5 million, and in the centre of the generation of cargo in the south of the mainland. It is also a completely multimodal port with an optimal connection between boats, trains and trucks within the port public domain, and it has an extensive surface area for companies to set up operations.

The Port of Seville is strategic for Europe, as it constitutes a main hub of the Core Network and is part of the Mediterranean Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T); and the navigable waterway of the Guadalquivir, which has been proposed for the Atlantic corridor given the great importance for Europe of inland navigable waterways.