MARONTEC MARINE SURVEYING is a selected team, with high skill marine profiles and hard work capabilities. Our Ethic and Independence allow us to deliver a high value service to our customers.

MARONTEC MARINE SURVEYING is the personal project of Javier Fernández (M. Eng.), where works daily as Manager and Lead Surveyor. Javier Fernández started his career in 1999, and from then he has develop several roles as the following: Engineer Officer, Chief Engineer, Class Surveyor, Superintendent, Warranty Manager, Service Manager, Technical Manager and Operation Manager.

MARONTEC MARINE SURVEYING is located in Strait of Gibraltar, the natural connection between Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. This area is one of the busiest marine traffic in the world, with a vessels traffic of over 70,000 per year. And where we can find some of the busiest ports in Europe (Algeciras and Gibraltar) and Africa (Tanger Port).

MARONTEC MARINE SURVEYING works for its customers 24/7 all 365 days, offering some of the following services.